Sunday, April 17, 2005

Review of the Movie "That thing you do"

I guess this falls well in line with my other fixations like Superhero stories, fantasy fiction, comic books, video games, guns, cakes, chocolates and guitars. The time frame of the sixties, and the innocence that I see into it is another addendum. The movie is very cute. Well, I would go so far as to say that its cuter than Liv Tyler who plays "Faye" (the whole being greater than the parts). What I like most about the movie is the feel good undercurrent through every scene of it. Another thing in it is the gyaan about Jazz by some African American legendary innovators who can be found in "The Blue Spot". This might, for some folks interested in music, change the tone of the movie enitrely with the line "Bands come and go, you play with someone today and someone else tomorrow. What matters is that you keep playing" providing the twist. Somewhat resembling a giveaway of some sort.

The guy who plays Guy Patterson does a fantastic job. Or maybe its the geius of the director as there are sublte hints of the growing chemistry b/w him and Faye in the movie. The scene with them coming out of a live show and Guy "rescuing" Faye is again somewhat symbloic.

Maybe I am getting too much into semiotics or whatever its called but then cant help thinking in retrospect and lauding the creative genius.

Another thing thats quite a reflection of the amount of thought put into the movie is a dialogue wherein the owner of Playtone Records says "The Wonders are the hottest thing on the circuit since the death of JFK". I wonder how big is the hype of an upcoming band with a snappy number that it reminds some people of JFK being shot the previous year (if I'm not mistaken the movie is based in 1964).

Jimmy and Lenny have their parts to play. The latter does an impressive job making a fool of himself while the former leaves a bad taste in the mouth, both fulfilling the needs of the role.

Tom Hanks is good but could definitely have had a better role. Guess the same goes for Charlize Theron. For one, she could definitely have sported a better look. Theres something about her that a friend of me and I concur upon; in some of her movies, she is so stunningly beautiful while in some others she is mug faced.

On the mucial front, you definitely get to listen to the song "That thing you do" a couple of times but then it the whole of it only once, which is quite a good thing as it comes again and again (but thankfully not the whole of it). You also get to listen to a bit of some other good songs by the band and then by some other people. Ofcourse theres also a bit of Jazz and a miniscule jam too to add to the icing.

A bit on the side lines but definitely a thought that has bubbled from the bottom of my mind is that "shades are in". Might buy myself some shades. Wonder how they would give me another dimension. Guess noone would be able to read my eyes and hence be able to read me like the proverbial open book. Just occurred to me last night that if eyey could be read then why not the ears? Maybe someday there will be this band called The Blunders which will do a song about how a girls ears tell someone that she loves them. Anyway, I guess "That thing you do" makes for a good watching.


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