Saturday, April 30, 2005

Six String Stigma

Just when I thought that I could be like some John Mclaughlin, I came face to face with the utter rubbish that I play. The hard in hard work gets shoved onto my face more often than not. Maybe all the highs and lows in the whole gamut of things are so much a part of it that they just wont leave my trail. Why is the question and I have no answer but something that sounds too ZEN to believe. Sometimes I wonder if purchasing a good guitar might do the trick but money is seldom found as a part of foliage. In any event I seem to have zeroed in on a good steel string accoustic. The problem with guitars is that like humans they also have a personality. The people who manufacture them seldom realise it unless they are in constant interaction with them and making the instruments talk, try to understand them the way you try understand fellow humans and so on and so forth. Come to think of it, the lines "while my guitar gently weeps", seem to come out in the light in an entirely new perspective. I guess, like cellular phones and clothes and hairstyle, even a guitar that one plays or chooses to sport says a lot about one. More so, the music one plays also speaks volumes about one's understanding about not music alone but even life. The six string weeps, it laughs, it scorns but perhaps most importantly, it reaches out. Where words fail, the timbre reaches out. Wait for my double platinum debut to find out :).


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