Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The sun goes up and the sun goes down,
I let myself into the town,
all I wanna do, I do with you.....

The cells I am at the moment, will soon die,
but I will be here, oh, I'll still be here

Though more than half of the nerds in the world would beg to differ, I solemnly proclaim that its all about optimism. I read an article on optimism by an absolute dumbass who made it look like a sport for retards. I feel that even in the ultra hard boiled world, optimism survives and this claim finds fulfilment in Hartigan's last words, "The old man dies, the babe lives, its a fair trade" (In case you dont know what I'm talking about, go take a peek at Sin City, or read the comics).

I believe that optimism is not giving up, not backing out, not folding over or bucking under. Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gangee (read or watch The Lord of the rings to get some gyaan) optimism personified. All the other rantings and tirades on optimism by people strike me as frivolous and as lacking depth. It's not till you meet death face to face and spit it in the eye that you can call yourself brave. Lets take it a step further, it's not till you lose everything that you've got and then lose even that which you don't have but treasure in the heart of your heart, and you still keep that little flame burning within you, not because it gives you warmth, but because in the larger picture of things, it's the right thing to do, rahter the thing to do. Then and only then would you be an optimist. A soldier fighting a losing battle is an optimist. A soldier with no rounds left, shards of bayonett in his limbs and faltering vision, who still goes on is the optimist that I seek to be, not the pseudo philosophical, ultra shallow, mega superficial person who in the shelter of his abode, conjectures about the life and the times of the homeless. People live in the world of their dreams. They are awake but they seldom step out of the bubble. They revel in their lack of understanding and in their immense ignorance, they come out with pronounciations which make other people's lives full of misery. Its both a fortune and a bane, that one cant shut one's ear off at will, one cant shut one's eyes. A fortune as one can see others err and not err henceforth.

In the real world, a half empty glass or hall full glass doesnt make much of a difference. Thats a red herring for making sure the superficial dont start philosophising. The way to see it is that theres some water in the glass.

While, self proclaimed optimists might dance around in glee, pessimists conjecture based on whats happening. A sane mind questions and is silent, looks and is silent. Its not deafening, rather sweet, inviting, shining and needless to say, enlightening.


Blogger Shreyansh said...

You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed reading and re reading this post.
Or may be only you can!!

12:14 PM  

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