Monday, May 30, 2005

A story to tell

This is the first time I wrote a story and didnt tear it apart. The influences are pretty evident.


Three trips to the toilet, so many packs of cigarettes that I lost count, a hefty tip to the waitress and so much alcohol in me that medics might mistake it for blood. He's there, I watch him and he knows I'm watching. He wants to call his pals, but the last time I checked, there are no phones in hell. He picks out a cigarette from his pocket and fumbles for the lighter. I toss a match into his vodka. He lunges back and fumbles for his gun and I smash my bottle on his head.

The bouncers come. One has a steel rod. The other is so wide that he fills my view. They look at me like I am an insect they are about to crush. They dont know what trouble the insect is capable of. They watch me pick the glass and spill some fire on my sleeve. They watch the rest of it coming on them. Thats the last thing they will ever see.

I drag him to the alley. A cat brings her kitten to the nearby trashcan. The moon shines over a cloud, the rain stops. Kitty looks at me. I pull out his last cigarette light it with the last shreds of my burning coat and tear it apart.

The cat looks on. Two eyes, glowing in the dark. He's crying, begging for mercy. Do his cries remind him of the kids he shredded? He whimpers and then fires his last round. I take it in my stomach. I still have 20 minutes till it puts me on the flight to hell. Thats a long time.

He crawls backwards. I offer him the smoke. He reaches out one hand for it. His one eye, fervent, tearful, tired from shuttling between the cigarette and the barrel of my gun.

I shove it into his eye. I smell it burn, the cat will have some food to share with the kitten. He screams, I ram my boot into his face. The cat shouldnt be scared. His head hits the wall, blood on the street. He's out cold. I take the rod and smash it across his temple. The eye pops out. I kick it to the cat. Half cooked, she will like it.

The dogs will finish the some of him. The snow, will bury the rest. I toss a coin. Heads I go to the doc. Tails I wait for the devil. Wonder why I cant see anything?


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