Saturday, June 18, 2005

Wait at the mountain

She looked at the scene, erstwhile unseen
flowers shone from the green with their own loving sheen.

Reminding her of him and how he in his whim,
embraced her in dim and smiled though he was grim.

"Love rots in this fray, lets not meet here from today,
let rain wash it away, at the mouth of the stream of fey"

He sealed the deal with a kiss both real and surreal,
his hands on her waist, moved away with his haste.

They both shed tears for a night away from one so dear
both sobbed in the night, replicas, unto first light.

She bathed, she wore flowers, she wore bangles of starlight showers
She wore scent so he would find her, and with his touch bind her.

She told lies to her folks, tried to smile at their jokes,
on how she toiled from her birth, but she was too stressed for mirth

She walked up the hill, wanting to be stalked by drill
she reached the top all alone, his presence to her unknown.

In dismay she asked why, does he have to be colored like the sky?
The tree the folwer adrons, struck in her eyes like thorns.

Further she saw the stream, which he told her of in her dream.
She saw him with tears in his eyes, he said "My heart is in a vice".

"Betray you, I never will; love you more, more than your fill,
I cant give you diamonds in swarms, though I'll always hold you in my arms"

She shed innumerable tears, they kissed till they lost count of years,
though the world moved from bad to worse, they went deeper in love's course.

If you walk up there, and your heart is fully bare,
you will find them there, fondling one other with care.

Their love has built a stair, to their abode from the worldly lair
and when you shed that tear for love, you will find them waiting there.
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