Saturday, September 03, 2005

The musing continues

I talk with friends who are callow, who know only of words that are hollow.
The truth that I swallow, in pain I perceive my pristine depths as shallow.

Gone is the rosy feel of beauty, replaced by a sense of murky duty.
That which shimmered then is now sooty, heart's jewels a mad man's booty.

Now lies in broken shards the dream, and I compose my own requiem.
Laughing at the irony as it might seem, its blood as tears that I deem.

I have to clean my wounds in your shade, wait for all the horrors to fade.
I wont sell my soul in any trade, will stay true to the promise I made.

Give me the heart of the iron clad, eyes that will bore through good and bad.
Through the eudaemonic and the sad, through eternal wisdom and whimsical fad.

Let me bury the dagger in my heart, fit the square wheel on to the cart,
carry my demons right from the start, so that life is again synonymous as art.


Blogger nastevers said...


1:30 AM  
Blogger Saksham Agrawal said...

That's actually good! I read the first couple of lines and thought that this was a tricky one, rhyming-wordswise. But I think you held your ground pretty well till the end.

3:32 PM  
Blogger ~Sen~ said...

whoaa..... rhymers ere !! That's good.Oye *heavynash*.... ya know i also used to write rhymers some time ago... then changed my style.Ye can check'em out at maaah stooopid lookin' webpage

aaah... leave all that.... i'm just too curious to know more about ur days in cupid's embrace....about how much is it intertwined with reality.
If it's just come out from the womb of creation (my guess)... wud say that's a very pretty baby.Indeed.But if it's really the story of the skeletons hidden in some cupboard, then take it easy... ye know, as i say " a perpetual flow of the temporary, is what we swim against".Just swim on.
Burns a lot of fat ;)

7:40 PM  

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