Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too young to be sane, too old to be inane

My name is not Atlas, though I have a world on my shoulders.
Like to call my self Red, worry its my blood that smoulders

Enchanted is my heart for it falls apart and is back whole,
deviant is my soul, regaining that which tides of fate stole.

I hear these chords, struck on harps made in a world beyond,
thay fill my mind with promises and with miracles again I bond.

I walk on the rope and cross a strait while the wind roars,
only to falter midway, seeing the brawl on the rocky shores.

The smells are all different now, I see a fire around me,
eyes burn in that color, of insanity speaks the gramyree.

I hang midway, lost enchanted with the premise of the demise
of doom withheld, heretofore of jade and shade I surmise.

Last on the walk, I come across remananents of my own hex,
frightening, inspiring, astonishing, intensifying my vex.

I wonder, if its a blessing or in disguise a wretched bane?
Why am I too young to be sane, too old to be inane?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where are you?

And I did sing, yet again
you felt the song, as i felt my shiver
i wait for you to ease the pain
but this summer day, i tremble and quiver

did you send me a mother
to teach me to smile in pain and pray?
or did you send the cynical friend
who told me, that Neitzche is what remains today?

did i choose to be born
as someo girl's kid on some chosen day?
did i choose to be flogged,
by the wise, which wisdom led astray?

did i ask you to break my bones
with, word and stones and the acid of love?
did i tell you to remind me its my fault
that it rained somewhere and someone lost a glove?

did i choose to be answered thus,
if ever were i to ask you some time?
that i am my own undoing though not my climb
and i mixed rhyme and hemlock to drink with thyme

did i violate some sacred tree
or maybe your child or some leaf in Spain?
did i always break your dreams,
if not then how did i give you pain?

did i believe in you in vain,
or do i just need to pass some test?
do i wait till eternity to prove,
i can bear to wait, in pain unlike the rest

and so i write, yet another rhyme,
amuse my self, that how i can or cannot see?
theres something amiss within and without,
something the blind me will just have to let be

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Song of the eyes

Yet again, why do I cry? Why dont I lie
to myself and me, and the detestable I?

I look around, see eyes sparkling with joy,
smile back, hollow within, deceive, thats my ploy

I wish for things, but they are naught ordained,
my soul, my heart, my love are all strained,

It pains me to think, that I havent smiled once
pains an orphan to realise he's an orphaned dunce

How long will the sun at dawn drop away
and I try to calm a storm holding it at bay?

If it be pain for once, then let it be for all,
why deceive me, and smirk as I wince whilst I fall?

Where have I gone wrong, if I just wanted to smile?
Why are my spirits being slowly ground by love's file?

Foes bereft of woes as friends plan the byre,
I sit on my coffin, but theres no fire for the pyre.

Whilst alive, I die and wish for death, ah the irony,
will this lead me to an all embracing misogyny?
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