Saturday, October 01, 2005

Song of the eyes

Yet again, why do I cry? Why dont I lie
to myself and me, and the detestable I?

I look around, see eyes sparkling with joy,
smile back, hollow within, deceive, thats my ploy

I wish for things, but they are naught ordained,
my soul, my heart, my love are all strained,

It pains me to think, that I havent smiled once
pains an orphan to realise he's an orphaned dunce

How long will the sun at dawn drop away
and I try to calm a storm holding it at bay?

If it be pain for once, then let it be for all,
why deceive me, and smirk as I wince whilst I fall?

Where have I gone wrong, if I just wanted to smile?
Why are my spirits being slowly ground by love's file?

Foes bereft of woes as friends plan the byre,
I sit on my coffin, but theres no fire for the pyre.

Whilst alive, I die and wish for death, ah the irony,
will this lead me to an all embracing misogyny?


Blogger ~Sen~ said...

yummmmm..... this is good! As is the one you left as a comment at my place ( tho the ending of that piece almost got me a cardiac arrest ! :P )

btw, let the mids go... will sit down someday and have chat with you over poetry and some aspects.Nope, I won't talk bigger than my mouth.... just some experiences and observations gathered over this thing since i started writing.Will also compile and send you the links to poetry blogs of some of my fellow bloggers..... some of them, really have my jaws dropping in complete awe.You'll love'em too.

5:40 AM  
Blogger Hemu said...

Good 1
Keep blogging .

12:40 PM  

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