Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Where are you?

And I did sing, yet again
you felt the song, as i felt my shiver
i wait for you to ease the pain
but this summer day, i tremble and quiver

did you send me a mother
to teach me to smile in pain and pray?
or did you send the cynical friend
who told me, that Neitzche is what remains today?

did i choose to be born
as someo girl's kid on some chosen day?
did i choose to be flogged,
by the wise, which wisdom led astray?

did i ask you to break my bones
with, word and stones and the acid of love?
did i tell you to remind me its my fault
that it rained somewhere and someone lost a glove?

did i choose to be answered thus,
if ever were i to ask you some time?
that i am my own undoing though not my climb
and i mixed rhyme and hemlock to drink with thyme

did i violate some sacred tree
or maybe your child or some leaf in Spain?
did i always break your dreams,
if not then how did i give you pain?

did i believe in you in vain,
or do i just need to pass some test?
do i wait till eternity to prove,
i can bear to wait, in pain unlike the rest

and so i write, yet another rhyme,
amuse my self, that how i can or cannot see?
theres something amiss within and without,
something the blind me will just have to let be


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