Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What's in a name?

September 15th, 1982. Wednesday. 11:17 AM
Venue - Sector 9 Hopsital, Bhilai (dont ask me for more specifics like ward number etc)

So thats about it. I am born. They tell me it was a ceasareon (pardon the spelling if need be). Sometimes this makes me wonder that a ceasareon might be how the son of Ceasar would be designated. Earlier I used to think that maybe they call it this as the docs might use scissors to cut thru' the to-be-mom's hide. But then I never got to become a gynaecologist so here it is - 'bout 23 years and I still dont know why a ceasareon is called a ceasareon!

It seems that at that point in history, there was some apprehension that a peice of equipment called "Skylab" would fall on to the earth from somewhere outerspace. This was conveyed to my maternal grandmother (who will henceforth be referred to by the variable name 'dida') by some Sardarji. For years to come dida would joke to me saying that the Sardarji named his son Skylab Singh!

Anyway, so there I was - plump and hairless, crying myself blue. Mom would tell me that I was a premature baby (7.5 months I recall being told) and hence was in some ICU or whatever the baby equivalent of it was for 27 days. They decided to call me by different names. I suspect this has all to do with the fact that India is a democracy. See, you can pull of any nonsense you want to and people will have to accept it and move on. This is again reflected in the story of how I got my formal name. Thanks to my dad's Hitlerish initiatives, I didnt get named Ashwatthama and got named Avinash instead.

See, there was this dumbass in the family who came across a nursing home in Chennai, bearing the name Ashwatthama. In a moment of inspiration, it seems it struck the jackass that I could be named same. Anyway, what happened next was that my dad decided to name me Avinash and told everyone in the extended family that it was her idea. Mom wanted to name me Mrityunjay or Mrinmay or some such name. As for me, I wanted to name myself Amoghavarsha, after a Rashtrakuta King of the same name. Sometimes, I would toy with the idea of naming myself Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen as I thought that the last name was very royale. Of late, I think that a noir name would be more suitable. Something like Siegfried would definitely be nice, but then nothing beats Red. Curt, precise, almost divine, the colour of blood - would be a pleasure to be called that!

But then life has these funny things intertwined into it. You dont get to choose a name for yourself, you dont get to choose siblings - not even the number, let alone the other specifics. You dont get to choose which school you go to and then it comes down to your profession, which again is not your call. Then it moves on to who you are seeing and who you want to take as a spouse. You dont get to have your say in it as well. Then we come to when and how many kids you want to have - no chance of having your way in it. In fact, the next thing would be that I would be told what my kid's name would be. And maybe then I would come up with some guerilla tactics and name the kid what I always wanted my name to be. Hard as it is to admit, one must still face the fact(s) - like father, like son.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

An MIT hack :)

Just scroll down and you might like the sound of it.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

The story so far - Table of contents

Chapter 1 - [processing data]
Capters Two till the end - [unlike the Jedi, we Sith Lords dont plan]

The story so far - Prologue

Chapter 1 of the running gag that my life is will soon be posted.

As I am too lazy to write in a diary, I think that a blog would be better.

In case you have no idea about what on earth is going on, it perhaps indicates my success.

"May the whores be with you" - Obi Wang
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