Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Childhood - guess it never gets over #2

My earliest memories seem to be all fuzzed up. I cant place the before's and after's at all. They range from getting bit by a scorpion to getting free rides on a vehicle called "spark" to going to the school, only to stuff my hand in my mouth so that I puke my breakfast out and then get sent home :).

I am one of those people who have been to more schools than desirable. At one point of time, I though that shifting places at the end of each financial year was my dad's occupation. It was good - we got to travel, to meet new people, to go over the drill of getting into a school once again, with all the interviews and tests and ofcourse we got to wear new uniforms every year!

The first day at school was just a step below my birthday. It was wonderful having all eyes on you - being the centre of attention, with a new uniform and shiny shoes. There was just too much newness in everything - I guess back then, I felt what a goldfish feels every fifteen seconds. Imagine, you are a goldfish in a bowl of your own and once every fifteen seconds, you forget everything that you knew, that you stood for, that you fought for, cried for, bled for, etc, etc. So after a 15 second hiatus, there you are, rediscovering yourself, your life and your world. And the best part of being a goldfish is that you get to feel that again and again and again and midway, start feeling that thing again. Whoa! With this much joy in life, I guess I might just die of cardiac arrest! Speaking of which, I remember that there was this friend of mine, who had some weird fish in his aquarium, which was acting funny - so they took it to the fish doctor who told the family that the poor thing had suffered a heart attack! Might not have believed in them back then but sure does seem plausible now.

Come to think of it, the dialogue from Bladerunner, seems to make a lot of sense - all those moments have been lost in time like drops in rain.
So much for days gone, the kid still seems to be there - sort of like the opposite of the "little Barney" in Ted's head. Or maybe its a bear cub that I always was or a panda as a buddy of mine proclaimed the other night. It's not a surprise - most grown ups I know of, have the maturity of a baby. Life is a lot peaceful if I imagine all of them roaming around in diapers - all of them - the professor who stuck a spanner in the works of my life, the teachers at my school, the people I hang out with, the seniors I got into fights with - the poeple who come here to recruit us - the ones writing books speaking of how all men are equal and even the ones who believe that some are more equal than others and the list goes on and on.

Maybe, someone noticed this an age ago and said in the same context - "it takes one to know one".


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