Thursday, June 15, 2006

Now ain't the world a little too big?

I have a friend called Siddhartha Chaudhuri (I hope I got the spelling right. In case I didn't, fuck him, and fuck those who gave him such a stupid name). He shall now be referred to as "Sid", which is what most people in this godforsaken place used to call him. Sid to say the least is a phallus worshipper. And a sick one at that. He likes Indian classical music or atleast acts like that and jerks off to Freddy Mercury's voice.

Sid has a blog. He is pretty regular at it. He writes stuff about some Tutunkhamen's temple's vestal virgin's voice or about how some tennage mutant ninja turtle climbed a glass wall in like a nano second.

You might check the link out. It might inspire you to take your life to greater heights and then maybe even the subsequent demise. Also, in case you are a total asswipe like Sid definitely is, I would urge you to try this at home or any suitable nearby location so that the world is a better place to be in.

Ok, got to me mates waiting for me for an evening grub...alas, it ain't tea with Victoria :(

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