Monday, August 21, 2006

And, I wake up

Before you start showering curses galore on me, please bear in mind that I have joined my job and have begun working (Not that I am a part of a work force that battles alien squids to save the world, and parties with ladies clad in skimpy nothings) and hence, I did need some time to get my act (rather, ass) together.

I am in Mumbai, the oft quoted "sapno ki nagari". Everytime I happen to be in the streets, I wonder where exactly those dreams are. Life seems to be funny here. The maharashtrian ladies, in their modest green sari, red blouse, big bindi, 2 to 4 skinny kids attire, along with an occasional girl in a short skirt which seems to be flying upwards all the time but doesnt quite take off (which makes me hypothesise that there are weights in the bottom frill of the skirt to anchor it), with a few pan chewing people, auto walas from everywhere, some foreigners, some eunuchs, maharashtrian gentlemen, saradrjis and the usual college going tapori crowd and the non college going one as well. As you might have guessed, I have been trying to notice the city. I fear, this is why, I am suddenly asking myself, "now what?".

That life is like this grand scheduled colloseum for KLPD, has just dawaned on me. It leaves a revealing taste in the mouth, more akin to pig fart than to Heidi Klum's lips.

City of dreams, My ass!

I shall return tomorrow. Keep watching this space.


Blogger abhiraj said...

stick around for some more time and im sure you fall in love with it, trust me.

2:16 AM  

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