Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Day, another story

This has been a day of surprises galore. First, i find out that a friend of mine got placed in A.T. Kerney. Then, I find out that a senior of mine from IITK (also our hall president in the year 2001-02), is getting married in a month or so (or maybe within a week; can't seem to place whether it was November or December). Then I find out that a wingie of mine is switching jobs from CEB to American Express.

On the trading floor, there have been screw ups and surprises galore. Fuck ups and un-fuck-ups too, all adding to the spice in life. The feeling of impending doom, the feeling of falling from a cliff, into the canyon and all. But then, well, I still feel alive.

Not much progress on any front. I find myself complaining again about the lack of time in a day. Wish, there were 300 hours in a day. Rather, being the self proclaimed smart ass that I am, I would want my perception of time to be tweaked. Something like bullet time in Max Payne.

Lined up for the weekend is this bachelor party that the trading floor is supposed to give to one of our buddies in here. Keep wondering about it. Somehow, since the breaking of the world (:D),
I have been not too keen about affairs like this. I feel the lack of enthusiasm for most things said and done, for most things under the sun (aila poem :D).

And so thats that. I wonder where all those people are, who were a part of my life once. I wonder as to why we ever met, if we had to part abruptly like this when my time to forage for myself came. Maybe I should unleash my barrage of questions on the world and use this super human thirst for answers (which in turn lead to questions) for crime fighting (:D).




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