Monday, November 20, 2006

Late Monday night - office blues

It's 1:25 AM, or 1:25 in the night. It's Monday. I am in the office. Maybe for another hour, till the exchange closes. I have open positions, but there isn't much that I can do. The liquidity is the same as that of coal tar after a few hours under the sun. Doesn't smell much either. Not much to be done. But then, there is hope - a feeling that a rally would occur and I would get rid of this load.

I never thought that my most recurrent endeavor and pursuit on my first job would be the oft recurring question, "How not to get fired?".

Heavy eyelids. I, desire to sleep off and wake up late and then head for a hunt in the wild with a bow and arrow and to bathe in a waterfall and to cavort with maidens in forbidden pastures.
Dreams have do unbecome themselves in some style :).



Blogger Prashant Gautam said...

whoa man! maidens and forbidden pastures? and not guitar and a good book!! (or is it supposed to be a hidden metaphor of some sort?), you sure are being grilled by this job :P

8:19 PM  
Blogger soham said...

guess a job is like giving an endsem every day eh ?

9:11 PM  

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