Monday, November 06, 2006


Number of guitar scales learned : 0
Number of people I wanted to beat to pulp : quite a few
Profits made on the market: negligible
Acts of stupidity which differentiated me from the rest of humanity as a separate species in myself: 4(maybe more)
Number of hours spent half asleep due to a lack of nicotine: 8 hours and counting now
Feeling that the sky is going to fall on my head: Imminent

So that almost sums up the day. Of course, it doesn't talk about the existential angst and the other mental septic tanks which I frequent, less often than earlier if I might say so. Another 3 hours till EurEx closes. I however, leave in a few minutes. Some people at the work place claim that trading is about luck, more than anything. I don't know what to say now. I have mixed opinions about my luck, mostly varying to abysmally poor to horribly ball crunching.

Feel diffident again. Maybe due to serious lack of adrenaline or something else. Is it food? Is it love? Is it the virginity that refuses to get lost? Is it the uncoolness inherent in a person who is not from Hawaii or SaoPaulo?

I guess it's due to lack of suitable perception of the world around me. This is a call for altered perception, wherein the residual self image meets with a non dope induced reality.

Yanyway, I need to sleep now.


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